Keyhole Garden Kit

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Keyhole Garden Kit

67.49 CAD

Transform your garden with the versatile Keyhole Garden Kit.

Set your Keyhole Garden up for success with the easy-to-use GEOBIN Composter and Raised Garden Bed. These systems are designed to work together to create a keyhole garden in any space you choose.


The GEOBIN Composter can be easily connected to the Raised Garden Bed using the included Connector Keys. Start by planning out the size and shape you would like for your Raised Garden Bed, then secure it to the GEOBIN Composter to create the ideal growing environment for your garden.


The flexible Raised Garden Bed strips allow you to create the space to strategically place your GEOBIN Composter near the center of your garden, or at any location within the garden footprint to allow for adding and blending in compost as needed. You can secure the Raised Garden Bed into place using the included stakes and attach the GEOBIN Composter, making it easily accessible. This one-stop keyhole gardening solution does not require any costly lumber or special tools to install.