GardenGlide Transporter

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GardenGlide Transporter

64.47 CAD

Saves time AND your back!

No, it is not a sled, it is the Leonard GardenGlide Transporter! We make this tool using 100% recycled high-density polyethylene. It measures 28-1/2 inches in diameter on the outside and less than 4 inches tall. This lightweight disc weighs only 3 pounds yet has a working capacity of 200 pounds. It features a 54-inch braided nylon rope connected to a plastic handle.

The Leonard GardenGlide is ideal for homeowners, landscapers, gardeners, campers, masons, and contractors. Use it to transport heavy, awkward-to-move items. It is excellent for moving potted or B&B plants, bagged materials, rocks, pavers, firewood, and more! The raised back prevents objects from sliding off during transport.

The Leonard GardenGlide smoothly slides over nearly any surface. It will not mar surfaces, nor will it dig into softer surfaces. Since it is flat, it will not tip or fall over. Its back-saving design utilizes your leg strength to pull the load. The GardenGlides low-profile design results in less lifting. Just roll heavy objects onto it, and you are good to go. Its small size makes it easy to both store and transport.